Saturday, November 22, 2014

Emme Ya "Ophidian Fetish Mandala" Now Out

Now out on Noctivagant and Sirius Limited Esoterica

"...Though each ray of black sun emantions is raising the power of the serpent through the turbulent waters of kaos
in its deep voyage through self enlightment to trascends beyond the veils of its spectral phases..."
Edgar Kerval

"Ophidian Fetish Mandala"
Cd 2014 out now!!
Noctivagant/Sirius Limited Esoterica
"Ophidian fetish mandala" ,is the transmission in a series of
substantial inner process through the black sun,the alchemical process
visualizing parallel enigmatic paths,suggestive paradigms through more
than 45 minutes of dense ritual dark ambient in its most pure form. The
Cd comes with 5 cards of the ophidians vibrations focused while creating
the whole album.
each manifestation here,is a deep process of
spiritual transcendence in search for the black sun rays,lighting our
paths beyond aeons and aeons...
Apska Ma isut!! lex ma tir imul!!
1-Zoomorphic Scarlet Vessel
2-Arcana of the waters of the bloodred moon
3-The Forbidden Elixir
4-sigillum sabbati
5-Yantra Of The Spider Goddess
"Though liminal vacuity in thousand trendils
the liquid light emerging through an ocean of darkness
and an astral black sun shining,in the zenith horizon
beyond the ophidian fetish mandala " Edgar Kerval 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

EMME YA "Ophidian Fetish Mandala" pre-order

 EMME YA "Ophidian Fetish Mandala" is now open for
pre-order at a special price. The release is 5 tracks
totaling over 45 minutes. It is accompanied by 5 sigil
cards representing each track. Again I am left amazed
by Edgar's ability to compose works that are so deep
and captivating to the listener. Emme Ya goes beyond
the formal composition of music. It is through a deep
process of spiritual transcendence, ritual and meditation
that the music is created. "Ophidian Fetish Mandala"
is a work that reflects a great dedication to that process
  leading the music to the forefront of the
darker genres of music...

EMME YA "Ophidian Fetish Mandala" pre-order here 




XAO ~ Ophis Tou XAoS

XAO "Ophis Tou XAoS" released September 2014 limited to 93 hand numbered copies.
Album refers to the illumination that I experienced during the exploration of the path of self-knowledge, True Will. The process took many years, the first step I set when I was nine years old, when i saw something, that I knew well that no one will be able to answer me, if I do not decide to embark on this journey. A few years later I discovered the Hexagrammaton, this is very unique name, contains the Tetragrammaton, and two letters Mem, one of them is at the beginning, the other at the end. That name perfectly captures my existance here and now. Rafal Satanislavv Kosela

XAO "Ophis Tou XAoS

Shells of Edom / Ho Ophis "Shattered Human Masquerade" split CD

When things begin with a direct encounter with a Sun Demon named Sorath, you know it is too late to turn back. The invocation has begun, and through a string of circumstances I have been allowed, perhaps tricked, to enter the sinister world of Shells of Edom and Ho Ophis. It is obvious the intentions here are purely malicious, to represent the darkest aspects of humanity through praise and libations of blood. The indecipherable chant begins, and while the words are not recognizable the Chthonic tone certainly is. For ten minutes, a murky rhythm continues then dissipates, constantly devouring itself and regurgitating its filth to reveal to the world.

This is Ritual Dark Ambient refined through years of diligent study in what is obviously the Left-Hand Path. How these individuals define themselves; Satanists, Setians, Anti-Cosmic, is beyond my knowledge, but looking at the song titles and symbols it is possible to make an educated guess. This split between Shells of Edom and Ho Ophis is intended only for those who are seeking a portal into worlds you are best advised to avoid, yet a few shall wander like moths to the flame and certainly get burnt. A few sacrifices are necessary after all, but for those with any sense who want to avoid true danger such things are best avoided. For the rest of us, we submit to whatever perils lay behind the veil that Shells of Edom and Ho Ophis have found the invocation to open.
Music like this must be analyzed for its impact in the ceremonial realms. This may prevent others who have no interest in such things from enjoying this, but this music is not created for them. People will think what they will, regardless, yet it remains that to experience such an intent is to recognize what the concepts are and how the existence of this music is for ritualistic purposes.  In this, as an album it undoubtedly succeeds. The eeriness is impenetrable, thick as a fog on a windy night, with various chants echoing across the abyss as ghosts and various paranormal activities engage in trickery on unsuspecting fools.

The dominating aspects of Shells of Edom are the cavernous chants, which speak in ancient tongues better left unknown. The music itself seems to enter then fall away, like an old tape reel that is half rotting and barely capable of carrying a tune. In regards to how each song differs,  this is hardly at all, for each song carries the same vibrating chants and a similar kind of sound in the background. This is certainly not the most exciting piece of ambient music I have ever come across, but then again it is made for very somber moods. Certainly, a bit of patience is needed, which is why I insist this is intended for ceremony, where one would sit meditating or repeating a chant numerous times.
This attempt to shatter the human masquerade begins with a ritualistic invocation to unleash demons unto the world, and continues its assault on what we absurdly call existence as Ho Ophis inducts the Current 423. As the listener drowns in the void of unknowing a continuous tone allows a sharp noise to pulsate. I hope it is safe to say not a whole lot happens during the whole of this split, as the sounds used are often repeated for quite the duration. Satanata is possibly the highlight, as the vocals evoke the terror which is needed to have reverence for almighty Death and all creatures of the night. I think someone who is part of whatever path these folks are on will find this much more powerful than those who are merely interested in it as a piece of music.
If the listener allows, this certainly offers the potential to visit realms only the darkest corner of the mind can imagine. As with all magical tools though, this must be done with intent and knowledge. As a piece of music separate from its significance, many would find this monotonous and merely background music.The tempo throughout  is exactly the same, which would be monotonous to some and as it is supposed to be to others. Concerning it being a split it would certainly be difficult to tell these are two separate artists, as everything blends quite holistically from beginning to end, yet any sort of trajectory seems to be non-existent. While this is certainly not the most powerful nor darkest album I have ever heard, it is an interesting addition to the world of Ritual Ambient, and if you have the time and patience, and courage to visit such realms, this may prove to be a powerful piece of music to aid other aspects of the passage to death we call life.
Written by: Patrick Bertlein / Heathen Harvest

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Donate to Rory’s Fund - Nine Gates Records / Noctivagant Records

Donate to Rory’s Fund

Written by Mike O'Brien
 This story about this little girl with Stage 4 cancer really hit home for me.  As if her condition weren’t bad enough, some asshole stole a donation jar from her Aunt and Uncle’s place of business.  While we can’t undo this person(s) actions we can OUTDO them.  Nine Gates Records is going to partner with anyone who is willing to help on this.  What we plan to do:  We will set up a donation link on our website that will directly be given to this family in need.  Also, for the next 2 weeks, for ANY purchase from our website ( ) or our Bandcamp page ( ) 100% of the proceeds will go to this little girl.  My goal is to raise in excess of $500.  This is the time of year especially when we should be mindful of the needs of others.  Please help us do what we can to attempt to right a wrong against a child.
If you wish to donate directly, PayPal is the best option we have.  You’ll find the link below, as well as at the top of the page.
Of course, if you want to get yourself or a loved one a gift, we have 5 different albums (plus a huge assortment on BC) that you can receive for your help.

11/23/2013 – UPDATE!
They have agreed to mirror our sale, and double our goals!  For ANY album or merchandise purchased from EITHER of our labels over the next 2 weeks, 100% of the proceeds will benefit Rory and her family!!

EMME YA "HET ISHT NUM MIZE" limited ep/cdr available

EMME YA "HET ISHT NUM MIZE" ep/cdr release to celebrate the EMME YA 5 year anniversary!

Limited edition of 23 copies includes a t-shirt 

and 17 regular hand numbered copies.

:ARCHAIC: 23 box edition and 123 hand numbered edition available!

123 copies hand numbered

 23 copies limited box edition